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Driving Direction to multiple points: Find the fastest route to drive between multiple addresses

To get the driving direction, first enter all of the places you want to visit. This could include the exact address, the place name, or even just the city. Since this tool uses google maps to retrieve the driving directions it can find almost any address. After entering all of the locations, place the location which you want to start your trip from at the top, and place the location you want to end the trip at the bottom. If you want your directions to start and end at the place enter that address twice and place it at the top and the bottom. The tool will get driving directions as you enter addresses. If you want to reorder the route you can drag and address on the list into a new position. You can also find the fastest route between multiple point by clicking optimize route. This will reorder the addresses in your directions list to find the move efficient route to drive to all of your locations

Total Drive Time:

What can I use an optimized route for?

  • Scheduling sales calls - Add the addresses of the people you need to visit today to find the most efficient order to visit them
  • Road trip planning - Enter all the places you want to visit to find the best route
  • Planning fastest route for service calls