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Lawn Care Quote Tool - Software Under development

We are developing a tool which will allow lawn care companies to accurately quote a potential clients property without having to visit the property. The lawn care quoting tool will allow you to look up a clients address and then outline that clients lawn on a google map. We have a basic version of this area tool here, but many lawn care companies have contacted us asking for more features. The new tool will allow you to create multiple areas to handle the combination of both the front yard and back yard. It will also allow you to remove areas such as flowerbeds, bushes, and paved areas from a large lawn. Lastly we will allow you to save all of your property outlines so that you can keep track and reuse the areas of properties in the future.

We are still developing this software, so any suggestions from active lawn care companies are welcome. You can also sign up to be a beta version of the software which we are hoping to have working sometime in the near future. Beta testers will be given a one year subscription to the service for free. If you are interested in being a beta tester, have suggestions on what features might be helpful to you, or just want to be notified when the software is complete contact us with your information.