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Maptive provides mapping software that quickly creates a web based map of multiple locations.

We have partnered with Maptive on their free mapping project, Maptive Free Edition. Visit and click "Map Now For Free". Copy/paste or upload a list of your addresses in the form of a spreadsheet. You may also use the sample address list Maptive provides to see how your Maptive map will look. Maptive uses the Google Maps API to geocode and find the GPS coordinates of multiple locations and can map up to 2500 total location at one go (limited by Google Maps terms of service). If you need to map more locations or need more commercial level features, Maptive's Paid Edition can map up to 100,000 addresses and offers several other commercial level features (listed at the bottom of this page). Maptive now has a new version of its software.

After geocoding your list of addresses, Maptive produces a full featured map with several options for customizing the look and function of the map, including the ability to categorize or group your addresses by type. Each Maptive map comes with a unique URL that can easily be sent to others or quickly embed your map to any web page with a single line of HTML code.

How people are using Maptive

  • Map customer data and sales potential: View where your customers are located so you can focus your services or advertising effectively
  • Map stores (store locator): Make it easy for customers looking for a nearby store location carrying your products or offering services.
  • Presentation tool: Use the live map in a presentation, or save low or hi-res images of your map to include in offline presentations to help land a client or make a business decision.
  • Other geographic based data that can be mapped: Salesforce, Workforce, Office locations, Media distribution sites, Assets (ie. pipelines, wind turbines, vehicles), Sites for expansion or acquisition, Real estate, Travel planning, Alumni, Event venues (sports, music, business, etc.), Campaigning/Fundraising/Canvasing, Census data, Research data, Basic routing
Maptive's Paid Edition utilizes Google's Maps API for Business as its back end mapping engine. As a Google OEM provider, Maptive is able to offer many commercial grade features such as:
  • 10 X faster mapping
  • Mapping large datasets and address lists - up to 100k markers per map
  • High resolution map printing - 2048 x 2048 pixel PDF or PNG images
  • Multiple security layers and use in internal deployments
  • Group addresses by up to 200 categories (by customer, salesperson, region, etc.) and assign custom group markers.
  • Other features: My Location, Street View, Directions, Proximity tool, Distance calculator, Export a KML file for use with Google Earth, etc.