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Turn your spreadsheet into a Map using Maptive's Mapping Software

Maptive provides a full suite of mapping tools as part of their enterprise mapping software. To get started simply copy/paste or upload a list of your addresses in the form of an excel spreadsheet. If you don't have data yet you can create an empty map and add pins to it later. Once you do load your data, Maptive uses the Google Maps API to geocode and find the GPS coordinates of the addresses you loaded. It then places all your locations on a map. The free version of Maptive can map up to 250 locations but Maptive's Paid Edition can map up to 100,000 addresses and offers many enterprise level features (listed at the bottom of this page).

Maptive produces a full featured map with a variety of options for customizing the look and function of the map. One of the first things most users do is to turn on the grouping tool. This tool allows different categories in your spreadsheet data to show as different colors on the map. The map below shows all the noble prize winners from 1901 to 2010, and as you can see there are colored based on data within the spreadsheet. In this case, they are colored by the type of noble prize that they won. For instance, red markers are for chemistry, orange are for economics, and so on. There is a key to these colors in the grouping tool. Try a free trial of Maptive today.
Each Maptive map comes with a unique URL that can easily be sent to others or quickly embed your map to any web page with a single line of HTML code just like I did above.

How people are using Maptive

  • Map customer data and sales potential: View where your customers are located so you can focus your services or advertising effectively
  • Data Aggregation: Do you want to quickly see which zip codes have the most sales, or how many customers live within 10 miles of a store? With just a couple clicks you can find this information and use it to make strategic business decisions.
  • Map stores (store locator): Make it easy for customers looking for a nearby store location carrying your products or offering services.
  • Presentation tool: Use the live map in a presentation, or save hi-res images of your map to include in offline presentations to help land a client or make a business decision.
Maptive's Paid Edition utilizes Google's Maps API for Business as its back end mapping engine. This allows them to offer very accurate data you might not get from other companies using less expensive, but inferior mapping products. Here are some of the most popular tools Maptive has built on top of Google Maps.
  • Radius Tool:Draw a circle around a single point or multiple points to see where you may be missing coverage, or to find all of the pins within that radius.
  • Boundary Tool:Color boundaries like states or zip codes with data from your spreadsheet. View the data this way can help you find trends that can help you focus your sales effort. You can also use this tool to display demographic data in the US. You might find that you have the most sales where the average age of the population is under 40.
  • High resolution map printing - 2048 x 2048 pixel PDF or PNG images
  • Grouping tool:Group addresses by up to 500 categories (by customer, salesperson, region, etc.) and assign custom group markers.
  • Other features: Directions, Distance calculator, Heat Mapping Software, Export a subset of your data